Sunshine's Stache will gladly accept returns as long as the product is returned the same way it was received. Please feel free to contact sunshinesstache@gmail.com for any questions or concerns and we will gladly help!



   Sunshine's Stache uses all natural ingredients to provide the best grooming care for your needs. **Some products may contain nuts** Please feel free to contact us with any concerns about allergies. 



Are your products non-comedogenic?

Yes! Our products were created to help your skin and beard, not clog it up or weigh it down. 


How does your shipping work? 

It is our priority to get your stash to you ask quickly and conveniently as possible. Please allow 24 HOURS for processing and TWO business days for shipping. Prices may vary.


Do you offer Whole Sale?

Yes! Please contact us directly to discuss how we can help. Email sunshinesstache@gmail.com


Why should I use a boar bristle brush?

A boar bristle brush has many benefits for your beard. Using a boar bristle brush helps increase blood flow in your skin, detangles and smooths out the hair, and allows distribution of the natural sebum your skin produces. The bristles are softer than other types of materials allowing less damage to the hair. 

Why is your beard wash different from my shampoo?

Shampoos can contain harsh chemicals that affect our hair and skin in different ways. Many times regular shampoo will dry out your facial hair, while our natural shampoo leaves your facial hair feeling softer and healthier, making it easier to maintain. 


What are the benefits to using a beard oil?

Our beard oils are made from natural oils and essential oils. These oils absorb into your skin and facial hair, keeping it hydrated, shiny and happy.  Our oil leaves a lightweight non-greasy feel for your face. 


What's the point of using Beard Balm?

Does your beard get those straggling pieces that have grown in all different directions? Well, beard balm helps solve that problem. It's a light weight product that helps keep those stubborn hairs under control and lay into place.